401K plan

401k - What is a 401k investment plan

Why use a 401K plan and not just a  cash savings account? The reason to better use a 401K and not just a  cash savings account is that 401k accounts offer better benefits regarding your income taxation. 401K plan makes paying taxes easy by protecting your income until later. The money you put into your 401(k) is not taxed right away. For example if you contribute 1 year to your 401K account you will actually pay less income taxes for this exact year. A 401K plan is actually a good investment plan managed by professional asset managers.

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Planting money Annuities


In general annuities are financial products that offer a guaranteed income stream for the buyer, used primarily by people that retired.

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What is insurance and how does insurance work? Learn the basics on insurance and most insurance policy types. What is insurance and how does insurance work? Well the term insurance or insurance policy is very simple explain but not so simple to understand. Insurance is a type of system under which one party, the insurer promises to reimburse or to provide services to the the other party the insured  in the event that particular occurrences on certain circumstances result in particular losses for the insured during a period of time covered by the contract length. The conditions and prices are normally set prior to the insured period starts and before the insurance contract or insurance policy, is signed.

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