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WE GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE SO YOU CAN SUCCEED INVESTING bulls fighting the bears in the stock market war

We give you the knowledge so you can succeed investing and help you use your hard earned money to successfully multiply your Net-Worth every day.

The information our team shares here are investing tips for newcomers and seasoned investors alike. The information on this website should just be used as an outside opinion.

Always before investing money into any asset you should do your dully diligence and financial research. You can do that by using paid information services websites and also free financial information websites from providers such as our website.

Plant money in your garden so you can succeed investing.
Planting money in the stock market garden 2021

Choose from the many thousands of shares available to buy or sell, and build your portfolio as soon as possible. Use your hard earned money to multiply your NETWORTH. Join a broker to benefit from share dealing and get on the train towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Our mission is to simplify and make available for free the complicated financial information provided so that our blog readers can manage to understand easily the fundamentals of their financial life and help them reach financial freedom through knowledge.

If you have questions that need answering then we will do our best to present you with our financial knowledge.

If you are investing as a beginner investor or an expert seasoned investor we recommend that you start financial planning before your retirement, taking a student loan, buying an expensive house or running a small business. investing success is all that matters and investing planning must be where you start. In other words investing success and investment planning is a package deal. We present you our hard earned knowledge so you can use it for free to become a successful trader on stocks, crypto currency or whatever you choose is more profitable for you.

Our financial services are just informational and you should read into the multitude of the financial services companies out there before making any kind of investment.

Investment management is a key component of being a successful trader.

Some of the financial services companies that are offering free information about investing in general are for example: Yahoo Finance, and many others. Some brokers that have a online presence are also having some information free for all visitors. Usually some big banks for example Saxon-Bank, offer their normal financial services ( like Life insurance, Loans, Mortgage Loans and Calculators, Payday Loans, Student Loans, Retirement Plans and many others) andin addition some of them even offer investment banking, financial planning through a customized brokerage account of their own.

We recommend that you do you research well before the start of any investment endeavor

One investor can choose to open a multitude of brokerage accounts on multiple financial services providers or brokers.

The main idea is simple.

You get your information from websites like or yahoo finance and many others and then you open at least one broker account anywhere you like and start trading. The hard part is to be successful and earn money instead of losing money. Always keep track of your net-worth and build upon it instead of breaking it. Loans and retirement plans seem to be a good idea and a safe way to achieve financial freedom but in the long term they only keep your net-worth low and unchanged. Investing on the other hand can change all that if done properly and with emotionless investment management.

Financial freedom is what everybody is after

Financial freedom is what everybody is after and very few succeed in getting there. In order to have a positive and decent return on investment you have to build an investment plan and consult the financial advisor websites to help you every step of the way.

Once you master investment planning and you start having daily positive return on investment your net-worth will grow exponentially and you will stop using the financial instrument of your past like mortgages, loans, financial aid and so on. Earning a steady flux of money every day through intelligent targeting of your investments will keep you on track toward your financial independence and financial freedom.

A built in glossary of finance terms

Out moto “WE GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE SO YOU CAN SUCCEED INVESTING” started on the idea of creating a vast glossary of financial terms so investors can study for free on our website and use for their benefit daily. We have built in our repository of financial Knowledge as we like to call our website, a glossary of finance terms that you may hear for the first time in your life but in order to be able to make money you must first learn the language of money. A few examples of finance terms are (stock market, forex, crypto currency, financial graphs, price quotes, premarket, aftermarket, power hour, investing in major indices, moving averages, MACD moving average convergence versus divergence, RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger bands, going long, going short, open a buy position versus open a short position…).

We give you the knowledge so you can use your hard earned money to successfully multiply your Net-Worth
A growing stack of coins 2021.

The point is to read all you can read and learn all you can learn and start trading as soon as you feel comfortable.

We hope our website will be a steady flow of financial knowledge for the new investors out there trying to better their trades and reach financial freedom and also for the seasoned investors looking to refresh their finance knowledge.

WE GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE SO YOU CAN SUCCEED INVESTING is our team’s moto and we strive to do our best to grow our blog and keep it free for all.

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  • I am glad to see there are free financial information websites like this one so the small investors like me can also get quality stock information without having to pay for it. Awesome work!!! Thank you team.

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