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HCMC – Healthier Choices Possible Lawsuit News Keeps Investors Day Dreaming About May 2021

HCMC Ticker might go up on judge newsHCMC Ticker might go up on judge news

The appointed judge can rule at any moment say the Bulls on OTC markets and Healthier Choices HCMC Lawsuit News could move the ticker up high again. Too bad the Bears don’t always agree with them.

Anxiety is spreading in the investing forums all over the world as HCMC’s more then 400 thousand investors are eyeing and scanning the web for news on their favorite trial. There is a lot of day dreaming about possible HCMC Lawsuit News coming around the 3rd or 4th of May as investors await he judge ruling on the motion to dismiss filled by PM. For some of us like me for example that i have no gain either way, it is quite funny to watch the forum discussions unfold between the so called bears versus the bulls, each with their own side of the story.

Some voices on the forums speculate the date May 3rd to be some hype surge on HCMC while others prefer to hype May 4th in their own vision. I personally suggest to keep calm and watch before making any sort of investing decisions. Trading is all about patience and buying in the right time. It may feel it is too late when it actually it is too soon to buy and vice versa.

300 Billion outstanding shares is not that much?

Ok I agree the company has around 300 Billion outstanding shares and that appears to be a huge issue for some investor. But i can also see the other side of the coin being those investors who put 2 and 2 together and after basic calculations they realized that it doesn’t take much more then lets say 100 thousand more investors to buy around 3 million shares each and the whole float will be gone.

I am not saying this will happen but there is a logic in the mind of those who say it can happen. Also after a possible winning in court or even a settlement HCMC could buy back the shares outstanding and can invest in the company the money gained in many other ways as well .

I think investors should not see HCMC like a lawsuit gamble but see past the current hype and find that HCMC seems to be a company going for the long run expanding on a fast pace and growing in directions that show great promise.

New research on HCMC ticker and the conclusions

Doing some new research on HCMC ticker led us to believe that this stock has a lot more eyes on since the news of the the lawsuit with PM. Basically, HCMC is suing Philip Morris for patent infringement on their #170 Patent number which refers to the patent HCMC has on electric pipes / nicotine vaping delivery system, vaping heating coils and others.

HCMC Patent 170 dispute

Allegedly PM used HCMC technology from this patent 170 on building the notorious IQOS product or so they say.

Around November 2020, Healthier Choices requested the Court to enter judgment in its favor and grant financial relief because allegedly the defendant’s (in this case PM) actions of design, manufacture, importation, offer for sale, and/or use of their IQOS product has infringed at least one claim pertaining patent 170 of HCMC.

After reading the full claim list I understood how it could seem pretty compelling for some investors to think that HCMC has positive chances for judgement in their favor. But like always there are 2 sides on a coin and PM has a pretty strong defense as well.

HCMC’s Hired A Great Lawyer Firm

This is outcome possibility is enforced i think by a substantial aspect in this case and that is the notoriety for success of HCMC’s lawyers firm that they hired.

HCMC Announced The Sale Of $5million Preferred Stock on February 08 – 2021

HCMC Announced The Sale Of $5million Preferred Stock on February 08 – 2021 , convertible in common stock at 150 percent premium on the closing price in that day. This has made the ticker price surge immediately after for few days.

HCMC announced the launch of the their official Twitter page

Next big HCMC news after the lawsuit intention was on March 8 when Healthier Choices Management – HCMC announced the launch of the their official Twitter page.

The page can be found on Twitter @HealthierCMC. Some believe, this has happened because fake news was posted in HCMC name using fake twitter accounts just few days before.

Their press releases and any news coming from HCMC will usually be posted on their social media specifically their twitter page so that all people investing can have a free way of getting some important information on their company of choice.

The Re-Launching of HCMC’s Vitamins and Supplements Online Store on March 29 – 2021

The Re-Launching of HCMC’s Vitamins and Supplements Online Store located online on the address: was announced on March 29 – 2021. This had the HCMC ticker move a bit positive after many days of barcoding.

Ada’s high quality brand of Vitamins and Supplements, HCMC’s Organic Grocery Store located in Fort Myers for the first time started offering their products online on their new online webstore.

But even after this much good news coming from HCMC the ticker price held steady almost dipping and that was mainly because of heavy shorts holding it still.

April 20 – 2021 a Form S-1 – Rights Offering To HCMC Stockholders was announced

Recently on April 20 – 2021, HCMC announced that it filed a registration statement on Form S1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission shortly called SEC, for a Rights Offering to its stockholders in a letter from the CEO. An important thing that stuck to my mind was the CEO mentioning that HCMC shareholder count reached an all-time high over 400,000 shareholders and growing fast.

HCMC SALE 150 percent premium
HCMC SALE 150 percent premium

I guess this letter had a major public traction as the ticker price climbed shortly after and keeps steady on the positive side even this week.

Possible Healthier Choices HCMC Lawsuit News is not all you should be after

Wining or Losing the case , this company will surely have a good future if we are to take in account just their balance sheet. Of corse they took advantage of the infringement gamble but besides all the noise about the trial they managed to turned around the company to a better future. I got to mention that HCMC’s management seems to be making some ingenious moves day by day just like moving chess pieces and going for the check-mate.

The Vape Industry could reach around 100Billion dollars by 2026 and the ever growing Vitamin Industry may his a new 310 Billion milestone by 2027 and all i can say is HCMC is running their business in both this fields and is doing it like a pro.

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