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HCMC June 3Rd Healthier Choices Management – OTCMKTS: HCMC

HCMC June 3Rd Healthier Choices Management - OTCMKTS: HCMC

HCMC_June3rd_2021 NewsHCMC June 3Rd Healthier Choices Management - OTCMKTS: HCMC

What’s happening with HCMC June 3Rd? Healthier Choices Management – OTCMKTS: HCMC in the headlines again.

Healthier Choices Management – OTCMKTS: HCMC – Has announced something big coming on the horizon. HEALTHIER CHOICES MANAGEMENT – HCMC – FILED FOR REGISTRATION STATEMENT OF RIGHTS OFFERING. This will be available exclusively only for current HCMC shareholders.

It is important to know if you want to be part of this offering that in order to be considered as a HCMC shareholder on this record, you have to own HCMC stock by 4:00 PM ET May 14, 2021.

On this share rights offering, HCMC will distribute one non-transferable subscription right for each four shares of common stock held by tou if you are a HCMC shareholder on the recorded date of 18th of May 2021.

Each subscription right will entitle you, the holder, to purchase one share of HCMC common stock at a subscription price of 75% of the average volume of the trading prices of common stock on the OTC Pink market. This will be available for 5 consecutive trading days ending on the expiration date of this Share purchase rights offering.

In other words as a shareholder you can buy around 75% of your volume of shares with an average of 25% discount.

HCMC June 3Rd 2021 – the expiration date of HCMC offering

Just recently, on 18Th of May 2021, HCMC announced a very big movement that will possibly have a significant effect on the share price.

This new HCMC announcement is about a share rights offering that is supposed to increase HCMC capital up to 100 million dollars. The net proceeds will be used for the protection of HCMC’s intellectual property rights regarding the litigation currently going on one some if it’s patents.

The main aspect of all this movement is actually the protection of HCMC’s patent infringement lawsuit against multi-billion-dollar corporation Philip Morris. In the expectancy of a settlement or licensing deal HCMC has the chance to enter a pattern of limitless growth as the funds expected from this litigation is expected to be in the number of billions of dollars.

HCMC June 3RD Plaintiff
HCMC – PM Case Plaintiff, news expected after June 3Rd

This subscription rights is non-transferable and may only be exercised during the anticipated subscription period starting 19th of may 2021 until June 3Rd 2021 at 5:00 PM ET. This dates cannot be changed unless they are extended by HCMC only.

The HCMC rights offering calendar announced is similar with the below:

  • ON Friday, 14Th of May, 2021 – This is the Ownership Day. In order to be considered a stockholder of record on 18Th of May 2021, your HCMC shares should be acquired by the date of May 14, 2021.
  • ON Tuesday, 18Th of May, 2021 – This is the record Date.
  • ON Wednesday, 19Th of May, 2021 – This is the distribution Date when the HCMC stock offering subscription period begins.
  • ON June 3Rd 2021: This is the date and time that the Subscription Period Ends at 5:00 PM ET (unless extended only by HCMC)

HCMC Share Offering – Over-Subscription Right

Please note another very important aspect of this HCMC Share offering:

If you are a stock holder and you exercise your subscription rights in full !!!! you will also be entitled, to subscribe for additional units that are not purchased by other stockholders!!! This will only be possible if there will be availability. This will only happen on a pro rata basis and subject to ownership limitations. This is referred to as the “over-subscription right”.

OTCMKTS: HCMC Moving Forward

OTCMKTS: HCMC – started boiling up more and more after the barcode period when it was stuck at 0.001 to 0.0012 a while ago.

HCMC May 3rd Yahoo Finance
HCMC May 3rd Yahoo Finance

On May 3rd HCMC ticker has surged for a few hours on the hype and mass hysteria that stock forums have pumped at that time. More then 400000 HCMC family stock holders go together trying a short squeeze and managed to push the price up for a few hours from 0.0016$ to 0.0035$.

HCMC Chart Before June 3Rd Yahoo Finance
HCMC Chart Before June 3Rd Yahoo Finance

The price has corrected shortly after as many 0.0001 long time share holders have decided to exit the game on that surge.

HCMC Ticker Average Volume

On average this days HCMC stock is trading around $5 million USD of volume on 2.5 billion shares in the last few days. HCMC ticker is holding well despite the bear market that has established in the last 2 months as most HCMC investors believe that HCMC is on the verge of a historic blowout expecting only all time highs ahead and only upward motion to come.

The volume seems to be corelated with the amount of breaking news about HCMC developments. The date June 3rd seems to be a legitimate Hype and it is only the beginning compared to what is to be expected from the patent infringement lawsuit upcoming news. This HCMC lawsuit against Philip Morris is slowly moving forward and the awaited judge ruling could be just around the corner. HCMC is represented in this court case by the renowned Cozen O’Connor law firm, ranked among the top law firms in the US at the moment.

HCMC Trial News June 3Rd
HCMC Trial News could come right after June 3Rd!!!

We can almost say that this HCMC case is in the best hands it could ever be and if we take a look at the evidence and facts presented in this case, we can understand why so many investors are swarming to join HCMC in the FOMO of not losing the speedboat like they did with other MEME assets such as Dogecoin for example.

HCMC Past Earnings Are Looking Promising

Considering HCMC is already having a considerable revenue estimated at more then 1 million USD per month and the Q4 earnings report last delivered presented an improvement in HCMC adjusted EBITDA, we can expect only blue skies ahead for this company and a steady increase in both revenue and share price.

What’s Going On After HCMC June 3Rd

Considering that HCMC has already and army of more then 400 thousand investors and most of them are by now long term investors, we can assume the majority of HCMC investors will not lose this chance to get more HCMC shares at a 25 percent discount. This will most likely increase the HCMC price action on the short term and will strengthen the price consolidation area. It is expected that On June 3Rd and onward HCMC stock will get much more PR and hype then it even got in the past.

Many voices on the forums are scared that this is another pump and dump as we have seem in the past on so many OTC stocks, but the majority of HCMC investors know the value of the company they invested in and are confident that future trial news and earnings can only bring good results on both short term and long term regarding their HCMC investments.

I think we should not expect HCMC June 3Rd to be an event like May 3rd but instead we should see it as another step forward for those long investors who saw potential in HCMC since a few years ago and keep increasing their position in this company. This is the chance for old and new long term investors, to get a discount while increasing their stake in HCMC company. I am looking forward to what HCMC price action will bring to the table in the next few days as this share offering announcement it’s HCMC June 3Rd deadline is getting more and more attention on all investing forums.

Like climbing steps on the path toward the top of this pyramid, HCMC investors might soon look down at this HCMC June 3Rd event and remember the time they ware waiting on the trial news, buying shares with discount or not, and keeping the hope alive.

HCMC Breaking News Coming June 3Rd
HCMC Breaking News Coming June 3Rd

Nobody knows how the share price will react and if you plan to take advantage of this discounted share offering, you should do your own stock research and decide on your own. The information on this website cannot be 100% accurate and you should refer to other knowledge sources as well, before taking any investment decisions. This article is not intended to be an investment advice for anyone! We do not advise our readers to take part or invest in any of the companies we discuss about in our articles and if you decide to do so, it is your choice and you do it at your own risk.