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HCMC STOCK – HCMC Lawsuit Update


HCMC Lawsuit SettlementHCMC STOCK - HCMC Lawsuit Update

HCMC is a pink penny stock that has a very dedicated amount of followers who are expecting to make huge gains from their HCMC investment on the upcoming HCMC Lawsuit Update.

HCMC Lawsuit Update June
HCMC Lawsuit Update June

HCMC stock, Healthier Choices Management (OTCMKTS ticker HCMC) Has become extremely popular among investors in 2021 considering HCMC trading share price is so low in value per unit today.

Still, it is likely that HCMC stock is unfamiliar to many investors in the stock market.

HCMC ATH Seems to be just around the corner

HCMC stock had some healthy dips in the last 2 weeks but it is looking primed for a new ATH launch this June.

Considering that the PM-HCMC lawsuit is waiting on the judge for the final answer before this trial could start I think investors have a notable chance to see some nice gains on this stock if things fall into place at the right time.

In Georgia like in all counties with more than 100,000 inhabitants, unless providentially hindered or unless counsel for the plaintiff and the defendant agree in writing to extend the time, to decide promptly, the limit in time before a judge must respond to the motion has to be within 90 days for all motions for new trials, injunctions, and any other motions of any nature.

HCMC Lawsuit Update
HCMC Lawsuit Update

The last HCMC court update was on April 19, 2021, update number 31. This HCMC Lawsuit Update was the HCMC Submission to District Judge of the response to the MOTION TO DISMISS FOR FAILURE TO STATE A CLAIM to District Judge T. Batten.

This means that over 40 days have passed from the 90-day deadline for the judge’s response and that means there are only 50 days more until this limit is reached. Normally these responses only take a few days but this delay could signal a behind-the-scenes agreement being worked out with the knowledge of the court.

HCMC Lawsuit Update

I would not be surprised if the judge’s response will make the headlines sometime at the beginning of June 2021.

The high probability of the response to have a hugely positive effect on HCMC stock price makes many new investors eager to join the HCMC family by investing at least some spare change in this undervalued stock and now it is probably the best time to do that.

Considering HCMC stock price has fallen below 0.0014 USD in the last trading session and there is an extension filled for the discounted share offering, we think there will be a huge increase in the number of HCMC stock holders happening this month.

In the short term, it looks like HCMC stock is heading for the triple zero areas dropping more than 15 % every week but this can also be the setup of the perfect storm that seems to be in the works this June.


HCMC Lift Off in June 2021
HCMC ATH Launch in June 2021

HCMC Stock Company

HCMC stock is a brand focused on providing its customers with healthier choices and it is doing that by offering for sale a series of devices meant to lower smoker’s risk while keeping their habits going forward. HCMC is a Florida-based company that operates a few grocery stores, and a few other stores focused on vaping alternatives and healthy nutrition. In the vaping industry, HCMC owns several vaping technology patents in addition to its store locations.

HCMC price swings have become normal in 2021 and any HCMC Lawsuit Update has the chance to impact the HCMC price range considerably.

For those that haven’t learned already, the HCMC company is in the midst of a heated legal dispute with tobacco giant Philip Morris, over one of their vaping patents since November 2020.

The P.M. already famous IQOS electronic pipe is the product that allegedly infringes the HCMC patent in question.

These 2 companies have been disputing the vaping patent infringement claim in court since this filing and the HCMC Lawsuit Update much anticipated by HCMC investors will be the judge’s response to the request of P.M. to dismiss the case against them.

HCMC stock has gained more than 2300 percent in 2021 since the start of this filing and we can only imagine how high the new HCMC ATH could reach if a positive response from the judge will materialize on the next HCMC Lawsuit Update.

Considering that HCMC stock has more them 400 thousand active investors and the popularity of HCMC is growing exponentially, we expect to have a very active summer on HCMC with lots of news and price swings happening.

A New HCMC Price Pump In The Works This June?

On May 3rd, HCMC stock has witnessed a fast pump and dump action, fueled by investing forums with posts that hinted investors to buy HCMC stock worth 100 dollars or more on that day. The pump has worked for about 1 hour before a major dump lowered HCMC stock price even lower than the opening of that day.

In the wait for an HCMC Lawsuit Update, many HCMC stock investors have recently prepared for a new pump date but it might be just impossible to materialize this time. We have found the date of June 3rd in most comments in the forums, as being the date of the new ATH on HCMC stock as that was coinciding with the date of the end of the discounted shares offering.

Considering that HCMC stock management has extended this date to the 10th of June, I am almost sure that there will be no pump or increase in the HCMC stock price until then.

Granted, an increase in HCMC stock price has to materialize someday in the future, and HCMC investors now expect that the new date, 10th of June to be the day that the expected pump starts.

Upcoming HCMC Lawsuit News Could Be Interesting

HCMC Stock Settlement
HCMC Stock Settlement

It would be extremely interesting to see the date of June 10th also coincide with the date of the new HCMC Lawsuit Update. If this would happen then we could see a major increase in HCMC stock price as many investors are just waiting for the right time to jump in the upcoming HCMC stock action.

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