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HCMC – P.M. Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath Could Be Your Ticket To A Rich Retirement

HCMC - P.M. Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath Could Be Your Ticket

Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath SuccessHCMC - P.M. Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath Could Be Your Ticket

What will be the P.M. Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath ?

Some people speculate that HCMC – P.M. Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath Could Be Your Ticket To A Rich Retirement and could send you on a never-ending vacation.

In truth, nobody can know what the next court response will be for sure and you should tread carefully and research diligently the reasons you have to buy into this.

Could Be Your Ticket to a Wealthy retirement
Could Be Your Ticket to a Wealthy retirement

Do you often dream of financial independence?

Every person investing often dreams of finding the next Amazon stock or similar high end mega business and be able to buy their cheap shares so latter on to cash in a fortune from their growth.

Well you have to understand and accept that even the biggest companies have started small with just 1 desk and 1 computer, 1 employee and 1 idea. Companies like Amazon come to be what it is today by growing and not appeared overnight at it’s current valuation.

HCMC is an good example of a company that it is still before it’s IPO listing, is cheap enough to be considered a good buy and if you own their shares early it could Be Your Ticket To A Rich Retirement. On top of that HCMC – P.M. Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath could make all this process run on steroids in case HCMC wins the case. All this being said you should not listen to forums and any individual pumping this stock but do your own dully diligence research on HCMC and decide on your own whether to buy in or look for another stock. (NASDAQ: AMZN) Versus HCMC (NASDAQ: AMZN) – Today is among the largest companies in the world but in it’s beginning it traded at less than $5 per share. At its initial public offering (IPO) Amazon’s stock was valued at around 1.50 USD per share. Think about the investors that purchased just 100USD of Amazon at IPO price of 1.5 USD will now have an estimated earnings of over 231 600 USD today.

Penny stocks like HCMC are extremely rare and low-priced stocks and they have an almost unlimited market capitalization potential. Imagine a company like Amazon trading many years back at 0.0017USD and today that is about 3,474.69 USD.

Now investing in a penny stock like HCMC allows you to invest in an unlimited potential industry and a growing healthy company without having thousands of dollars of capital. Merely using your pocket money you can secure millions of shares of this early growth companies trading sub-penny like HCMC and sit on those shares until you see they reached the price target you have set before.

The Is A Greater Risk in Trading Penny Stocks!!!

Even if you realized that penny stocks can provide you with unlimited investing opportunity, they also come imply tremendous risk for untrained investors. Here are a few issues that penny stocks investments present and generate risk:

  • Penny Stocks have a High volatility: Because penny stocks are extremely cheap, investors can purchase more shares then they can normally buy in regular companies. This might mean higher profits if the price goes up after your purchase, bit this can also mean higher losses if the price crashes down.
  • Penny Stocks suffer from less public information: SEC data and stock expert analysis is what you should be looking for when doing your penny stock research. It is extremely more difficult for you to do your due diligence research on penny stocks and you might never know exactly what you are buying into before it’s too late.
  • The problem with manipulation from hedge funds and big capital investors: Penny stocks often get attacked by “pump and dump schemes” because their price is low and easy to access by high yield investors. Pump and Dump means intentionally spreading false news and miss-information about a stock they intend to buy or sell also using large amounts of capital to drive the price up or down. All this can cause sometimes the price of that particular stock to skyrocket or to plummet down intentionally. When the price hits the target intended by the pump and dump initiators they close the trade immediately leaving the small investors holding the empty bag. 

Is HCMC -P.M. Patent Infringement Trial Aftermath A PUMP And Dump?

Often you will see on the forums the comment “HCMC TO THE MOON”. This does not necessarily mean there are users actively pumping and dumping the stock right now. This could just be the positive expression of home some HCMC investors have in their wait for their investment to reach their price target. The lawsuit with P.M. is real and you can find proof of that on the SEC official page online HERE.

Investor Researching HCMC Stock
Investor Researching HCMC Stock

At the moment HCMC investors are waiting for the judge response after the P.M. response came in a week back requesting the case to be dismissed.

In general HCMC investors today think the HCMC Case seems pretty compelling, and that HCMC might get judgement in their favor, especially because of the law firm hired by HCMC is renowned for winning such cases. Anyway, if you want to take a look for yourself you can find the court submission Form filled on this link: 8k/a Form.

HCMC Stock price
Make your own HCMC Stock price analysis.

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