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HCMC Ticker – Is Healthier Choices Management ticker ready to stop barcoding?

HCMC Ready To Stop Barcoding 2021HCMC Ready To Stop Barcoding 2021

Looking at Healthier Choices Management ticker on the HCMC Chart for the last two days we cannot stop to wonder if maybe Healthier Choices Management ticker is ready to stop barcoding and move to the next phase. Usually when we notice a stock consolidating higher for two trading sessions straight we get the idea that it would be profitable to start tracking the company and consider it as a new candidate on the stock investing portfolio.

The ticker (OTC-HCMC) is now consolidating for two trading days and a possible breakout in the near future can be possible.

This price boost comes as Philip Morris tries to have the ongoing lawsuit dismissed with their last motion but looks like HCMC investors have their heads set for the long run and this can be felt in the stock price.

The company Healthier Choices Management also known as Vapor Corp, is a holding company, which provides US consumers with healthier daily choices (as they state on their website) and operates through two segments. This 2 niches markets segments are their natural organic retail stores and their vapor products in their own vaping stores.

HCMC offers its products to customers through 9 retail stores in the States as well as online and beside vaping products like their Q-Cup technology they also offer fresh produce like bulk foods, vitamins and supplements, packaged groceries, baked goods, dairy, health and beauty products and many other items through Ada’s Natural Market brand store.

The HCMC Q-Cup is a vaping technology offered for consumers who choose to vape concentrates either medicinally or recreationally. Also recently they have announced the relaunching of their Vitamins and Supplements Online Store at their vitamin store “

With all the good news about the vitamin store relaunch and the good earnings report they had previously, the HCMC stock ticker was holding low and steady in barcoding mode for quite a while.

There was also quite a large short interest involved in the ticker price evolution in the beginning of 2021, for example HCMC Short Interest in March went down to approximatively 42 percent.

On it’s last run up this ticker has gathered a few hundred thousand followers if not even more, on investing forums. Reading some comments on this forums you will rapidly notice the army of small investors swarming this penny stock meme forums, all eyeballing the HCMC stock price, in expectation for any news regarding an ongoing pyrolysis patent infringement lawsuit between PM Phillip Morris and Healthier Choices.

Surprisingly HCMC Ticker Moves Upward After P.M. Appeal to Dismiss

Filed in November 2020, this legal dispute with tobacco giant Philip Morris is about one of the patents owned by HCMC. Philip Morris allegedly is infringing on one of HCMC’s patents with the production and commercialization of the famous IQOS electronic pipe. The two companies have been disputing over this claim in court since the filing started.

It might look like the recent P.M. appeal to dismiss helped the HCMC stock to rise. In the last 2 trading sessions HCMC ticker has seen a 50% upside and today 20 April 2021 at the time of writing the price for a HCMC share reached 0.0020$.

We at do not have any shares in this stock or any other stocks mentioned in this article or our website as it is against our internal policy. The information gathered in this article is not to be taken as an investment advice. We always recommend that each investor should do their own personal and diligent stock research before investing.

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