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How to invest in Titano

How to invest in Titano

Titano Swych 2022How to invest in Titano

As a newcomer to this project you first ask this question, “How to invest in Titano”. It used to be the regular dex called Pancakeswap but recently Titano team migrated the Titano token to Titano v2 and launched their own dex called SWYCH. At the moment you can only buy and sell the Titano token on the Titano Dex SWYCH. For more information on specific titano querries you can reach out the the Titano Community.

Titano Community on facebook
Titano Community on facebook

Ask the Titano Community Group on Facebook How to invest in Titano

Searching on social media websites we found this group was very helpful to new Titano users. We think Titano is still only at the beginning of a great business and it is expected to see it expand all over the world through social media and any other means.

Titano Community and the team is considered the best in the industry by most Titano investors. One thing that stands out from the start is the hospitability of the community that seems to be ready to guide the newcomers to the right tools in order to get on board and be informed.

Why is the price so low

Lately, the whole crypto market started to slide downwards and that is not just BTC and ETH but all the altcoins seem to follow this selling pressure. Like in past bear markets, things seem to be quite apocalyptic in the crypto market and some are saying that the crypto winter has arrived. From experience, I know that this time of great fear in the market is actually the best time to look for entry points and Titano has just hit 0.02 $ at the moment of writing.

Considering that two months ago Titano was sitting on a cozy ATH of 0.2 we might assume there might be a comeback and that looks like it could be a 10X or more climb up. Although anything is possible it is recommended that people take extra care when investing in crypto and never go into an investment with money that you can’t afford to lose.

Next on FinancesParty – On our next article we will talk about what is the new Titano dex Swych and why is it so important to the future of the Titano project. The new usecases and deflationary mecanisms planned seem to come just in time to help the inflation caused by the extremely high staking APY.