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Speed test fast is our simple internet speed testing tool below and it is yours to try for free. Fast speed test takes only a few seconds and could help you make better trades knowing your exact internet speed. Use the Internet Fast Speed Test Now.

SPEED TEST – Your Internet Speed Test. Is your internet fast enough for Day Trading?

Speed Test For Fast Investing And Day Trading Experience

How Fast Should My Internet Connection Be For Quality Day Trading Investing? Internet Speed Test Tool For active investors day trading and more.

Internet Fast Speed Test Tool is a free tool I think all traders should use before any trading session in order to make sure their internet connection is reliable. Instant page loads is what is important when you plan to start day trading. If your internet provider cannot do that I recommend looking for a fast enough ISP to power your internet speed and enhance your day trading experience. Real time data is what day trading is all about. Always use the Internet speed test fast tool.

Fast Internet speed test for Day Trading
Fast Internet for Day Trading – example from our speed test fast tool.

In an active day trading situation a trader is engaged in a time-consuming and stressful investment process. It is up to the day trader to make the right choices before investing in this manner to select his best tools like: Mobile devices, Laptops, PC’s, software, and most important a Fast Internet Connection. Out internet speed test tool is not only fast but also accurate. Use the speed test fast to check your internet connection speed as often as you like. We offer the speed test free.

Fast Fiber Internet Connections

In order to have an effective day trading experience you must have ready a set of conditions and quality tools and internet speed is the primary concern before staring your day trading investing. In order to access financial markets fast enough your investing applications should be powered by a fast internet connection as the cost of a fast internet may be a lot less then the losses you may suffer because trading on a slow internet connection.

Unless you are the kind of trader that is doing quick investment scalps in a matter of seconds, internet speed might not affect you. But a true day trader needs the reaction speed on the click to be instant as every split second counts as the share prices volatility is high for such investments.

See the Real Asset Prices In Realtime For Accurate Investing

In most investing applications you get a data backlog summary instead of the real time data and won’t be able to see the real asset prices because your internet hasn’t yet downloaded that real data. With the speed test fast tool on our website you can prevent this problem by knowing in advance if your internet connection and speed is reliable or not.

This the reason that we have included on website this speed test tool. Our Speed Test Tool provides high upload and download speeds and it is simple to use. Use it to check if your current internet speed is not causing lagging and negatively impacting your trading software.

In the picture below you can see an example of what slow internet looks like in our internet speed test tool:

High Ping Response Time Slow Internet  speed test
High Ping Response Time Slow Internet example from our speed test fast tool.

Basic Internet Understanding For Day Traders

In the universe of day trading you will have a few thousand data points that are streaming information to your mobile device of pc every split second. The asset prices involved are volatile and everchanging.

This is why your internet speed must be able to support that fast stream of continuous data and give you the ability to react to market changes that sometimes happen in a split second. If you start experiencing lag on your page loads then the stream of data send by investing servers is larger then what your internet service provider is able to give you.

In this case you might be getting the old data sent on your display instead of the real latest data and this could cause you to make the worst trading decisions you never would have made if internet wasn’t glitching your app.

Good Internet Speed
Good Internet Speed

What Is The Upload Speed Test

The Upload Speed Test is used to test the speed when you are sending information from your computer to the trading application servers. This is why day-traders need to have fast enough upload speeds in order to to secure their asset orders on the exact price spot they deicide. Your orders will face constant lag and delays and not go through at all if your upload speed is not enough.

You should have a least 1 MB per second of upload speed with a ping response time of maximum 80 for a good enough upload connection in day trading. Anything below this upload speed margin could impact your trading experience and that would not be a risk you should take lightly. Speed test fast is the simple tool to help you in this case.

What Is The Download Speed Test

The Download Speed Test is used to test the speed of your ability to receive the required market data information in a quick enough manner and make timely calculated and informed trading decisions. It is known by professionals that always in day trading you need to have high download speeds in order to see things exactly when they happen. A second of delay can cost you thousand of dollars in a wrong decision caused by lagging download speeds. You need to make quick decisions about when to buy or sell in the investing markets so a high speed download connection is as important as a high speed upload connection.

For Download Speed you should have a least 5 MB per second of download speed with a ping response time of maximum 80 for a good enough download connection in day trading. Anything below this download speed margin could impact your trading experience and that would not be a risk you should take lightly.

Placing market orders at the wrong place or the wrong time is the risk of day trading on a poor internet connection.

Investing While Traveling And Abroad Internet Speed Issues

While travelling abroad you might found it extremely difficult to find quality internet service providers. While 4g LTE cards can be found everywhere now days with offers of unlimited internet and fast speeds you might find that most of there provide an insufficient internet connection quality and could negatively impact your trading experience.

In some cases you might better try top avoid trading unless you have secured a speedy internet connection either on WIFI or mobile LTE or even 5G.

You can use our Free Speed Test on our website to check if your actual internet provider is fast enough for day trading.

Expensive Mistake Of Using Roaming International Plans For Trading And Social Media

Using your regular mobile internet with international plans for your phone while traveling can be a painful lesson learned for anybody. When trading especially day trading you need to be online and active every second of that trading session.

This means that you will be using your international plan quota very fast and in a short time will get extra charges billed to your account. Busy with trading you will not have time to change your ISP and even check the mobile bill. At the end of the day you might find out that you lost more money using internet then you have earned while trading in that day.

The roaming rates in most countries are extensively expensive. For example if you are Roaming on your home roaming plan but you are using it on a cruise ship mobile at sea plan then you might even have to pay over 5000$ for les then 1 GB of internet.

There is a lot of history on cruise ships when tourists left their kids use their phone on roaming plans and from simply being online on social media the parents got to pay phone bill when they reached home in the area of tens of thousands of dollars. Imagine earning a few hundred in your session of day trading and finding out latter on you owe 12 thousand dollars to your mobile internet provider. I think you will not be very happy about something like that.

The Cheap Local SIM Card Is The Solution

When you arrive in a new country you should be patient and wait until you can go and buy a Cheap Local SIM Card with a fast and strong plan with plenty of internet quota or better yet an unlimited prepay plan. You will most probably even get talk time and SMS included for free with your internet quota if you selected a plan with large Gigabyte volume. This should cost you something in the lines of 20$ to 50$ per month to cover all your internet needs even day trading but it does not compare with what the cost of roaming might be for such a long period on travel.

Trader Buying A New Internet Plan For a good Internet on speed test
Trader Buying A New Internet Plan after speed test fast failed results.

Be prepared and have an unlocked phone ready for this as branded phones normally do not accept local cards from other mobile internet providers. I recommend people that travel a lot to always buy their phones in the unlocked version to have this option available just in case. You can unlock your locked phone as well but that might be extra difficult if you have already left your country and are traveling abroad.

Internet Speed Test Conclusion

Our Internet Speed Test is available for free and is here to help you understand that today the internet is the main driver of your online business. Just like having a fast car can get you places faster, a slow car like a slow internet connection, will lag behind and reach your destination sometimes too late. Speed test fast tool is located at the beginning of this page.

In internet business the speed rule of thumb is, the faster your internet speed, the more online connections you will make and become real-time connected to your apps. If you your internet lags you get left out of the game and miss opportunities.

You can test your investing internet speed by using our FAST Internet Speed Test Tool, or you can visit our Social Page.