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Nexus Energy Services and the 6 reasons to consider. Which energy sector stocks are doing well?

Oil Rig in the sunOil Extractor in the sun

Which energy sector stocks are doing well and which ones are not? Nexus Energy – here is one stock you might want to take a look at. OTC penny-stock from the energy sector stocks space.

1 – The Nexus Energy Services is operating as a energy application development company.

The Seven Most important Oil Companies in the World are:

1. Anglo-Iranian Oil Company – BP
2. Gulf Oil – Chevron
3. Royal Dutch – Shell
4. Standard Oil Company of California –Chevron
5. Standard Oil Company of New Jersey – ExxonMobil
6. Standard Oil Company of New York –ExxonMobil
7. TexacoChevron

Five American, one British, one Anglo-Dutch so seven sister companies in total, all have become major powers in the oil industry in the last century. Will Nexus ever be on this list? I think that no company wants to be on that list anymore and a new energy company list will emerge during this decade containing green energy companies or at least hybrid ones.

2 – The Nexus Energy Services also engages in development, capitalization and exploration of natural gas and crude oil.

Oil Rigs 2021
Oil Rigs 2021

As we start 2021 it’s important to take a good look at which energy sector stocks are doing well and which ones are not doing so well. Some energy stocks have been hit very hard to the brink of bankruptcy and even beyond and might never recover. However some other energy companies seemed truly resilient and have recently increased their share prices, are on the way to a full stock rebound. But as markets have stabilized into 2020’s late innings, oil has bounced back and now sits at roughly $45 a barrel. Most analysts are excited more then ever before about the potential for some of the best energy stocks out there as we go on from here. We think Nexus could benefit from this excitement and build into this energy space in place of other companies that fell and left a lot of business by bankruptcy.

3 – At the time i am writing this article the share price is $0.0718.

Such a low share price for a companies’ stock could be a blessing for most investors but one thing is for sure. the low price indicates the company is at the start of her life and in time with investor visibility the price should reflect mo and more the presence inside the energy sector. I think in time the popularity of nexus will grow and it will be visible in the share price and volume of trading.

4 – Oil energy stocks show their strength but what if it’s still too risky to invest in them?

Oil prices have now recovered to its pre-Covid levels. This is a sign of hope that we could be going back to normality soon. Both Brent Crude and WTI Oil are now over $60 per barrel while the Natural Gas prices are going high because of a cold front that spans across the US this winter. Nevertheless it’s a long way back from the dark period of April 2020 when Brent oil and WTI oil bottomed at under $17 levels.

5 – The price of oil is rising

While some analysts think that Oil Stocks may never recover from the big Coronavirus Crash, i am reluctant to think that. the way i see the oil industry going forward after this crisis is through restructuring of the big old names and the introduction in the field of some fresh new companies like Nexus.

6 – The green energy revolution or green energy investing

Green Energy Solar panels
Green Energy Solar panels

Renewable Energy Stocks to Invest in the future might include in the near future the Nexus stock, why not?. Being at an attractive price level is not enough to convince investors to buy in this stock. But if for example a divergence of business would occur and the company would decide to go green to compete with the rest of green energy companies out there. We think this would change the mind of many investors and not look away the decent entry point and future niche endless opportunities. I think going green is the current step world economies are taking and we no longer need to postpone the clean green transformation of our energy sectors as it is already happening. The boat already left the peer and the lucky investors who joined in should just be patient and let things follow the natural course.

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  • I think we should wait for the crisis to be finished and not invest in oil until then. I have lost a lot of money during the 2020 crash and was mostly because of bankruptcy in the oil sector. Another bankruptcy wave could be coming back as the pandemic travels in waves as well. Safest place for money for the time being is kept in the pocket. Thanks for the info though.

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