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Highest paying job ? Offshore Accident Lawyer is the job you would love to have.

Offshore Accident Lawyer.Highest paying job ? Offshore Accident Lawyer is the job you would love to have.

Looking for a great career so you can swim in money and love your job? Well an Offshore Accident Lawyer can have all that and much more. In this article we will cover some interesting facts about one if not the only best paying jobs that ever existed, the offshore accident lawyer job.

Offshore Accident Lawyer For Oilrig Crew
Offshore Accident Lawyer For Oilrig Crew

I know that for many of us is too late to go to school again and apply for a offshore accident lawyer university but i think young people should consider this job before they get to the point in time that career choice is not an option.

What Types Of Lawyers Make The Most Money in the new decade 2020-2021?

It is not fully accurate but I was under the impression that employment law plaintiff attorneys or in other words class-action lawyers that deal with asset of companies liability, securities or antitrust plaintiff, have the highest earning potential amounts in their pay. I will try to analyze now the most of the attorney fields and see where are the differences in pay and why there is ay difference to begin with.

Lets start with the basics. How Much Does a regular Lawyer Make?

In general a lawyer median salary in our country was about $130,000 in 2020. A quarter of them, the best paid section made about $190,000 in 2020, while the lowest pay section of lawyers made about $82,000 that year. Some examples from 2019 below:

  • California average annual attorney salary: 170K$
  • Massachusetts average annual attorney salary: 165K$
  • Connecticut average annual attorney salary: 153K$
  • New York average annual attorney salary: 167K$
  • Virginia average annual attorney salary: 139K$
  • New Jersey average annual attorney salary: 139K$
Offshore Accident Lawyer Office
Offshore Accident Lawyer Office

In 2021 I expect inflation to run it’s course and most jobs to get some increased figures on the pay-slip just to counter the inflation loss but still the average pay of an attorney will most probably stay in the range of 2020. Attorneys and prosecutors usually have a positive career perspective and the future growth in their salary is about the same as in most other industries in our country. The power of attorney is a sweet thing to have but only lawyers can pride with such perks. Attorneys will never run out of work as there are settlements happening all over the world at all times. There are lawyers near me as i write this article, doing what they do best and no business big or small cannot survive without powerful talented watching over.

There are a great number of factors that impact the wage of lawyers or a prosecutors and here is a sum-up of the most prominent:

  • The practice years that the attorney or prosecutor has been in service from the career beginning;
  • The type of law the young attorneys choose to study in their university years;
  • The law school where the attorney was initiated and shaped to become a lawyer;
  • The country and even state where the attorney practices has great importance wage wise;
  • The choice of the attorney to work for a private practice office or to work in the public sector, prosecutors for example;
  • The choice of an attorney to open his own practice business or to join and established law firm as a team member;
  • Last but most important, the talent and the knowledge a lawyer can muster during his training and career;

The Law types that pay the most for Lawyers:

Specialized lawyers with knowledge of a specific law can earn them more than attorneys who practice other specific laws. Some law areas are better paying then others and that is usually the main concern when a young attorney decides his career path. We can say that a personal injury lawyer should earn a great more than an attorney working in the beverage industry. The difficulty of the lawyer’s everyday task and importance reflects directly in his monthly wage.

Here is a list I compiled with the the most known areas of law and how much attorneys could earn practicing in those areas of law:

The Family Law Attorney

Highest paying lawyer job ?
divorce lawyer attorney job

The Family law is the field of law that is the most searched for. Daily problems and settlements between people like marriage prenuptial contracts, paternity settlements, divorces between couples, child custody issues between parents, property custody or property dividing, all about domestic support in families. Even here in the family law we will have some attorneys will earn more then others according with the social status and wealth of their clients.

The Criminal Law Attorney

Criminal law practicing attorneys are the ones that represent people under criminal investigations for crime they did or did not commit or who have been arrested for a specific act against the law. Depending on the clients social status the lawyers can have difference in pay even in this field of law. Murder cases attorneys will most is likely to earn more than small crime lawyers but high profile clients will always pay a lot more then every-day people no matter the law they broke.

The Personal Injury Attorney

The personal Injury Attorney covers a wide variety of injury at work, school and all public locations cases. This includes all the settlements that involve a person being injured because of another person’s actions or wrongdoing breaking the law. Personal injury attorney can also reach some impressive figures in his pay but it depends on his talent and client pool.

Examples of personal injury attorney settlement cases attended by this type of lawyers below:

  • Driving vehicle accidents even boating or cruise ship accidents;
  • people with nursing home abuse cases;
  • People with construction accidents during construction work;
  • Inside and outside premise liability claims
  • Products liability claims of damage of health from using products wrongfully.

The contingency payment plan in this case help personal injury lawyers pick the cases that have most chances for success. A personal injury law lawyer may earn as low as a family Law lawyer but it is more than an intellectual property lawyer but that also depends of the gravity and complexity of the case at hand.

How much money the personal injury attorney recovers for an accident of the person considered the victim in the case will be the deterrent factor in the wage for that attorney . Usually a percentage of the total sum recovered will pay for the attorney fee.

The Bankruptcy Law Attorney

This type of attorneys make a bit more money then most regular lawyers. A bankruptcy law attorney will handle bankruptcy matters assisting individuals and companies in filing for bankruptcy plans for relief. This lawyers work hand in hand with creditors to file claims in case of bankruptcy for the firm they work for at that time. Chapter 11 are corporate cases and they are the best paid cases in which case this attorneys earn enormous salaries when compared with the average lawyer.

The Corporate Law Attorney

Every corporation has an army of lawyers working for them on their day to day dealings. The size of the corporation will dictate the number of lawyers working for them and also the pay of this lucky attorneys. This type of lawyers usually earn millions of dollars just from their daily counsel regarding matters that need to stay within the law margins. From employment law to corporate structure, intellectual law, and litigation the corporate law attorneys are the ones to oversee all law related matters and fine tune the business in that aspect.

The Employment Law Plaintiff Attorney

You will say that the employment law plaintiff attorney job it is too risky of a job as one such lawyer could spend decades without earning a cent. You would think that probably because such cases usually take forever to be settled. Well my response to that is that the risk potential is proportionate with the figures of money they will get once the plaintiff gets settled.

So when a employment law plaintiff attorney win the case or get a favorable settlement only from one plaintiff case they can already retire on that payday as it is usually in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars if not even more.. When they win a plaintiff case they can make much more than how much an hourly defense lawyer makes in his entire career. It takes time for them to make money but they eventually struck rich with just one case favorable.

Enough said about the employment law plaintiff attorney. Now i will continue this article with my findings about the less known career, the offshore accident lawyer career and the perks that come with this golden job.

The Offshore Accident Lawyer – Last But Not Least My Favorite Attorney Career To Have

Most people travel by cruise ship this days or have relatives working as crew members on ships in our navigable waters. If you or any person on your friends and family list have been injured in an accident occurring in the navigable waters aboard any vessel you should know you can take immediate action and retain immediate legal representation even for free.

Offshore Accident Lawyer for maritime navigating crew
Offshore Accident Lawyer for maritime navigating crew

First Of All I Want To Remind You – Know Your Rights On The High Seas!

Before you set sail, know that the maritime law is a complex system of rules with don’ts and do’s and you should study the basics to know how to keep yourself and loved ones safe while onboard any ship when not on land anymore. Some accident claims are subject to the international maritime law while some other incidents are filed under the so called Jones Act also called The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. You have to work with a lawyer called the Offshore Accident Lawyer who is a specialized lawyer that knows the maritime law and has extensive experienced at handling this type of maritime law claims. Always keep in your wallet a business cars when travelling on the sea with contact information for at least 2 firms that offer Offshore Accident Lawyer service for maritime legal matters.

What Is the Jones Act?

The so called Jones Act is also called the Merchant Marine Act dated from 1920 and is a federal law act that gives crew members and any temporary working passengers alike, certain defense on the seagoing vessels. The Jones Act allows seamen to be able to sue their maritime employer if they are injured on the job due to the negligence in business management. Even if you are not a seaman, there are enough laws in acting in your favor that may apply to your particular incident. For example The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Even the case when your loved one was killed in a maritime accident, the Death on the High Seas Act is the one that covers your needs to get justice done.

Offshore Accident Lawyer Law
Offshore Accident Lawyer Laws

Offshore Injury and Accident Claims

Working on oil rigs and sea going vessels often involves high risks considering the type of work you do there. The rapidly changing weather conditions and exhausting working environment can stress a person to the point injuries can occur one way or the other much more often then on land. Injuries can occur in simple operations such as manual handling or lifting or more complex tasks such as rope access, maintenance of vessel, accessing helideck utilities and many others. Below are some examples of maritime offshore injury causing situations:

  • Improper equipment – Not having the proper equipment you need to safely do your job;
  • Lack of seaworthiness – The boat is not fit for service and and maintenance is not done properly;
  • Insufficient training –  The employer is not investing enough in maritime safety procedures training and in equipment operation training;
  • Violation of maritime safety rules – The maritime industry is heavily regulated to ensure safe working conditions. Violation of federal, state or industry safety guidelines can result in personal injury or death.

This are just an example that represents only a fraction of situations in which crew members can get injured. The employer’s duty is to take reasonable actions regarding your health and safety while you are working offshore. This also includes when you travel to and from work by sea or air. 

In this case always remember why do you need an Offshore Injury Lawyer,

Contacting your Offshore Accident Lawyer is most important in any case of maritime settlement. Unfortunately many sea working companies do not protect their crewmembers as they should to avoid losing money in this matters. This is where your offshore accident lawyer will step in and protect you and your loved ones that get into any incident while seagoing.

Offshore Accident Lawyer looking after navigable waters crew
Offshore Accident Lawyer looking after navigable waters crew

How Much Do You Have To Pay For Your Offshore Accident Lawyer?

It’s simple. The Offshore Accident Lawyer doesn’t get paid unless and until you do, and they get the best pay in the industry.

Depending on the gravity of the case and also the size of the company you are suing, the price of your case will vary. Your Offshore Accident Lawyer will have to be contacted and he will come onboard to meet with both sides involved and he will take over all the dealings between the two parties.

Offshore Accident Lawyer looking after this crew
Offshore Accident Lawyer looking after this crew

The Offshore Accident Lawyer can secure you a deal even without trial and you could get your benefits to cover for your loss like for example your pre-injury salary, your medical bills and other expenses, your estimated future medical expenses and your non-monetary loses.

Resolving this type of case is simple for the offshore accident lawyer and usually this cases don’t take too long. The amount of pay is again in the range of tens of millions of dollars and considering what a large number of crew members work on the sea at the moment we can understand why the offshore accident lawyers get to make the best pay in the industry.

Offshore Accident Lawyer looking after crew members
Offshore Accident Lawyer looking after crew members

We Can Conclude That An Attorney Salary Can Vary Greatly and the offshore accident lawyers have a beautiful and well paid career ahead of them. I wish this article will help our readers who find themselves in this kind of situations and provide guidance for their benefit.

Personal Injury Attorney for seagoing ships workers
Offshore Accident Lawyer for seagoing ships workers
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