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Pi Crypto Network – The Latest cryptocurrency still FREE for everyday people using peer-to-peer economy.

Pi cryptocurrency network 2021
Pi cryptocurrency network 2021
Pi cryptocurrency network 2021 image of the people investing.

☘ The Pi Crypto Coin ☘

The new cryptocurrency PI Network may be another Bitcoin story starting low and growing fast. We shall see.

  • Pi is the newest digital currency 2021 being developed by a group of extremely wealthy Stanford PhDs. Just for a limited time more you can still join the beta to earn free Pi and help grow the network. After this text period will end soon, new accounts will not be able to get free pi anymore and they will need miners to mine cryptocurrency Pi.
Pi coin mining when having a coffee
Pi coin mining when having a coffee

We have always been very skeptical and distant from all the hype around digital currency as well

   We have always been very skeptical and distant from all the hype around digital currency due to our investing principle that when everyone on the street is talking about a new investment product it generally is too late to invest in. Pi doesn’t require any capital investing at this time as they allow you to join the network for free and generate Pi coins every day from their pi app.

Sone can only wish now,

Most people can only wish now that they would have joined BITCOIN when it’s value was under 100 dollars. I am sure most of you started investing in Bitcoin late and got some extremely positive returns from bitcoin investments but it cannot compare to what it could have beeb if you would have gotten in earlier. If you check bitcoin price today (58954.30$ as i write this article) and think about what if you got in when it was almost free, like the Pi crypto is today? Well there is no more need for words after this logic.

Pi Coin got my attention

Pi Coin got my attention when we found out that this one is a new innovative crypto network which is at the free distribution level phase with no financial commitment required. Some pretty smart Stanford grads developed Pi cryptocurrency for smartphone users to increase its accessibility and it’s still free to use

Pi network is not giving free coins but you can mine them for free

   Pi network is not giving free coins but instead, it let’s you mine pi coins for free for now. You will get only the first Pi Coin for free when you join but the rest you can mine for free using their app.

A growing stack of coins 2021

The main net launch

Network owners are doing this to increase their Network and by the time they’ll reach phase three (the main net launch). We don’t think people will be mining for free just like Bitcoin. So I suggest you mine it for free while you can. Good things never last forever. We think people should not lose this chance to get early in this gem.


At the the time i write this article it is still free to create your Pi Network account on the pi network.

Our financial research team suggest that the pi network will be less and less profitable the later you join. Considering the Pi network cryptocurrency got live in 2019 we can safely assume that we are still early in the game. If you decide you can join the Pi Network at your earliest convenience and be part of Pi Cryptocurrency Mining  Team while it is still free.


The pricing is FREE. Enjoy your Pi coins. Good luck to you all.

As a note we want to clarify that none of our team uses pi or owns pi or any asset discussed in this article. This article is not an investment advice. We are here just for gathering free information from the internet and give it back to you for free.

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  • Thanks for this great read. you helped me find out about this pi coin network cryptocurrency thing. I immediately creater my Pi account for free using your CatalinCuric referral code and i got my first Pi for free. Now i am doing 0.015 Pi per hour even when i am sleeping. Maybe 5 years from now i will be rich just from this, who knows,, let’s see. 🚀💎🤯💸💸💸💸💸 You rock Fpteam!!

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