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Save Earth – The SPE – Save Planet Earth Coin

Save Earth - The SPE Cryptocurrency

SPE COIN FINANCESPARTYSave Earth - The SPE Cryptocurrency Or Save Planet Earth Coin

What is SPE? What is Save Planet Earth Token? Can you make money investing in SPE?



SPE Coin is the worldwide carbon sequestration cryptocurrency project that plans to Save Planet Earth Using Cryptocurrency. SPE coin or SPE token has been created to be available to every single person that cares about the future of our planet and wants to help save Planet Earth and at the same time have the possibility earn some extra money trading and holding SPE coins in their wallets. Considering how important our plant’s health is and how global warming has become our greatest concern we can only imagine the trading volume and price increase the SPE coin might witness in the near future.


What is SPE program?

In April 2021, the SavePlanetEarth program (SPE) was designed to avert the numerous bureaucratic processes that halt proper natural regeneration and development and to empower the SPE coin to contribute to the Save Planet Earth Initiative.

Save Planet Earth project can do this by securing a large number of high-end ties with local state administrators and action groups in a fast-paced and accountable manner. Also, SPE coins are available for purchase and trade internationally.

SPE works as an empowerment system made operative instituting a horizontal management system in addition to established management structures that have the goal to be time-efficient and field knowledgeable.


Save Planet Earth Crypto Token Basics

Through strategic partnerships, backed by strong academic backgrounds, and a healthy and growing cryptocurrency community, SPE has mixed together the ingredients to significantly change the earth’s environment through carbon sequestration in coordination with international organizations and the general public interested in saving our planet.

The SPE’s first goals include the development of a new regenerative tree cover and better ocean management. SPE is lobbying for stronger legal controls, to help the world wake up and face the real costs of climate change now before it is all too late.

What is SPE tree planting initiative?

One recent example of what SPE has already managed to deliver using this Save Planet Earth Initiative is the 100,000,000 TREE-PLANTING INITIATIVE. SavePlanetEarth is right now leading a revolutionary 100 MILLION tree-planting operation in SRI LANKA and many other locations will follow shortly.

Save Planet Earth – SPE – Tokenomics Today

Today at the time of writing SPE has already reached 80000 holders and this number is growing fast every day. Considering the initial launch to BSC MainNet was just recently in April 2021, we believe the SPE coin will have unprecedented success in the cryptocurrency world and will greatly benefit our planet’s health.

Since the April these are the SPE tokenomics:

  • A number of 1,000,000,000,000,000 SPE tokens have been created.
  • A number of 250,000,000,000,000 SPE Tokens that have not been sold have been burnt into nothingness.
  • A number of 200,000,000,000,000 SPE Tokens have gone to Pancake Swap Listing Pool.
  • 145,000,000,000,000 SPE Team Tokens have been vested overtime via DxSale for marketing purposes and burns.
  • SPE Rewards Holders with 2% of each transaction. This percentage goes instantly to all SPE holders, proportional to their current SPE holdings of course.

The science is here to help us. We don’t have to accept the doom for the Earth.

SPE is a hopeful wake-up call, for everyday people that are mostly only interested only in their personal gains, forgetting that without a healthy planet they could not enjoy anything their money could buy in the future.


How Does SPE Initiative Helps Saving Planet Earth? What is SPE Carbon sequestration?

With strategic coordination via nations and states worldwide, alongside donations coming in indefinitely to fund SPE efforts, the SPE team has launched a massive initiative to help carbon sequestration and fight climate change at its core.


SavePlanetEarth (SPE) attracts funds for planting and growing new trees through 2 main mechanisms:

  • The climate wallet and direct sponsorships from donors, well-wishers, institutions, and all those who wish to contribute.
  • Direct sponsorships from donors, institutions, governments, that decide in helping this cause.

What is SPE Blockchain used for?

On the blockchain, all funds received and used by the SPE in this environment program are transparently accountable. The SPE program is registered also in the United Kingdom (UK). Also having associations with major world Governments keeps a good transparent check on the SPE fund balances system and accountability.

Can the Earth Be Saved By Cryptocurrency SPE?

The short answer is YES it can greatly help. SPE is just one ingredient in the operation of saving planet Earth. Here are some things we must do by working together, from here onward regarding this:

Be Part of the Solution Today, And Give SPE A Chance

You don’t have to buy SPE in order to support the Save The Earth Initiative. You could simply inform yourself and the ones around you about what are the changes in our lifestyle we must embrace in order to save our planet. Besides the option to purchase SPE coins and trade them, you can also visit the SPE website to donate to the cause if you wish.

SPE envisions a future in which catastrophic climate change is no longer a posibility. A future in which we can feed billions of people worldwide and provide clean and abundant drinking water.


The future SPE envisioned by creating this project is a future in which people and nature no only live together but also thrive together.

We cannot continue using natural resources in an environment negative way and not account for the damages our activities inflict on Earth’s environments. With science and goodwill, SPE vision of the future is achievable, and people should join together and put aside our differences and prioritize the health of the planet over any other personal goals we may have set in the past. 

The Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save Planet Earth Today

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle – This is self-explanatory and should be on everyone’s mind every day.
  • Volunteer and get involved in cleaning up the environment, places you see garbage and waste left by careless people.
  • Educate yourself and the ones around you – Help yourself and help others understand the importance and value of our planet’s health.
  • Conserve drinkable water – Using less water will generate less wastewater that ends up in the oceans.
  • Shop light and wisely – Always try to buy fewer plastics and use reusable bags and bottles as much as possible.
  • Use Energy efficient light bulbs – This will reduce the power consumption of your household or workplace and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Consider switching the lights and equipment off when not needed of course.
  • Plant some trees as a hobby – Trees and plants are the ones that provide Earth’s oxygen supply. Fruits come from plants and trees. Trees also clean the air nonstop by absorbing greenhouse gasses like CO2.
  • Don’t throw any waste or chemicals in the rivers or any natural water bodies.
  • Using your car less and your feet more. A bicycle ride can be more fun than driving your car and most importantly it will be more healthy for the environment.

Official guidelines on how to buy SPE (SavePlanetEarth SPE Token)

How to buy SPE? These are a few simple steps you can take in order to get onboard SPE by purchasing SPE tokens and even start trading SPE coins:

  1. Get your Trust Wallet account;
  2. Create a new wallet on your Trust Wallet account;
  3. Buy BNB Coins;
  4. Swap your BNB Coins to Smart Chain BNB
  5. Find PancakeSwap app, download and install, create an account;
  6. Open PancakeSwap, click on V1 button and Select a currency you want
  7. In PancakeSwap app enter the amount of BNB you want to swap for SPE and click SWAP
  8. You now own SPE coins and you are part of the growing Save Planet Earth family.
  9. Most important – Share this article with friends and family and let them know about the SPE ( Save Planet Earth) token and initiative needs to have a growing support in order to succeed in saving this planet. By sharing this knowledge with as many people as you can and teaching them to share and educate others as well, SPE family will grow fast and will help people wake up and start a new way of life that protects our planet and stops unnecessary pollution and resource waste.

Please note that there are now more ways of owning SPE coins as it was listed on most major crypto exchanges around the world and considering how fast SPE has grown in just one month time, it is expected that it will become the next international MEME coin of the year 2021 and even beyond.

Stay informed on SPE NEWS articles and pertinent information regarding this coin and others by checking our articles on our NEWS WEBSITE regularly. We strive to provide our readers with unique and informed views on the ever-changing investing trends every day.