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What is SNL May 8 – The Dogefather SNL hosted by Elon Musk

What is SNL May 8 - The Dogefather SNL hosted by Elon Musk

Who is Dogecoinfather May 8thWhat is SNL May 8 - The Dogefather SNL hosted by Elon Musk

What is SNL May 8 ? We ran in this question this week and we have decided to sum up all we know about the Dogefather and the May 8th SNL Event for you.

SNL May 8 refers to NBC’s Saturday Night Live Show and this time the host will be the one and only Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk. this is not Elon’s first tweet about the upcoming Saturday Night Live Show episode. Elon recently tweeted a reminder to the world of his hosting of the SNL on may 8th and joked about it using the word Dogefather.

SNL 8Th of May Doge Show
SNL 8Th of May Doge Show

He actually called himself the Dogefather, probably because whenever he tweets about Doge, the Dogecoin gets a massive price boost from the hype. Dogefather refers to the meme-themed cryptocurrency Dogecoin which Musk has tweeted and talked about before and in a way made him become the father of Doge.

This basically came down to teasing his Twitter account followers about the possibility of DOGE the dogecoin mascot to be featured by him on the SNL show. This tweet enacted great excitement among dogecoin holders that this meme coin gets again broad attention from the huge international television coverage. So I think now we know where the spike in the Doge’s value came from that day.

Happy Dogecoin SNL May 8Th Show
Happy Dogecoin SNL May 8Th Show

April 1st 2021 was the launch date of the previous Elon Dogefather tweet when he promised that his SpaceX is going to put an actual Dogecoin on moon but it was most probably an April’s Fool’s joke. Even if it wasn’t a joke, that would not be possible yet because Doge is strictly digital because it is a cryptocurrency coin. Even that time Doge coin surged almost 35 % after this April Fool’s joke and i think we will see this happen every time the word Doge get’s any kind of connection with Mr. Elon.

This SNL Show will be hosted for the first time by billionaire CEO of Tesla and it’s all going to be on television for the whole world to watch. Miley Cyrus is also to be expected to be present on this SNL as the musical guest of the show.

I think this SNL show is not something anybody want’s top miss out on and we should all keep an eye on Dogecoin movement during and following the SNL show.

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