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What’s going on May 3rd? #HCMC Investor Forums 100$ Plan

HCMC May 3rd RocketHCMC May 3rd Rocket

What’s going on May 3rd? This is what all HCMC investors are asking in the investing forums today and try to find some answers. Doing some online research and spending a few hours reading comments i came to the conclusion that May 3’rd is the date selected by most HCMC forums for a bullish spike of 100 dollars per person. Looks like #HCMC Investor Forums plan to sweep away the bears and shorts on this stock ticker by each investing a minimum 100 bucks on that day.

HCMC May 3rd Investors Dream
HCMC May 3rd Investors Dream

This comes at about in the same time frame HCMC investors expect to get the judge’s decision news on the PC infringement case. Even if may 3rd is in the plans of many i think people should wait and see how that day works out and don’t rush in a buy decision before they are truly convinced this is the most profitable decision.

May 3rd can be the day to decide if you should hold or fold depending on what direction the case moves.

It’s funny how fast this HCMC madness is catching up with random people around the world every day. I think i found this question in all forums i visited today “What’s going on May 3rd HCMC”.

Blue HCMC May 3rd Diamond
Blue HCMC May 3rd Diamond

The other day a friend of mine asked me What’s going on May 3rd HCMC? I told him al i know about HCMC stock and explained to him he has to do his own research before investing and don’t rely only on what random people talk on investing forums. Today he called me with a tremendous and positive voice and told me that not only is he has bought 4 million shares but he passed the word around to all his social media contacts and now most of his friends and family are owning millions of shares of HCMC, considering this investment like a cheap lottery ticket. He said he set his price target to 0.2 $ as it would be enough for him to retire and forget about any money issues forever. Also because of the investment sum of money was so low and the amount of shares he bought with that money was so great, he said he just set it and forget it, meaning he will sell the shares only when the price reaches 0,2$ or above and he understands that could take months or even years of waiting.

HCMC on May 3rd

I did not expect this HCMC forum madness plan for may 3rd to have such a powerful pull on people.

I read amazed on a daily basis the stocks forums and much to often i find HCMC investors spread around all the other stocks talking and bragging about the amount of shares of HCMC they own. Sometimes i feel i cannot find a single thread without some comment reminding people of the HCMC play and news. Even hundreds of youtube videos have been created and posted recently by various vloggers talking about HCMC and how this 3rd o May would play out, even calling this the HCMC Day.

HCMC Bears

There are some bears as well on the HCMC forums trying to keep the price down and under. I think this is because some people are confused about the situation of this stock and don’t really understand what’s going on. Bears believe that HCMC shares will be diluted by the recent 25% price discount on the direct offering. In my view this is not a reverse split situation but actually HCMC management might be trying to minimize the float by offering shares to investors only, at a discounted price.

It looks like they will reduce the float of shares

Actually it looks like they will reduce the float of shares first by giving current investors a good discount.

But what if the next step HCMC management takes is to do a shares buyback program for the remaining float? If this happens then this will cause the share price to increase drastically over a short period of time.

These are all in theory but in real life we can never know what will happen exactly. There will always be people holding the bag and also people regretting they sold early. The question ” What’s going on May 3rd HCMC” is just a temporary matter and should not blind people from the real facts of this HCMC play. It is not about 3rd of may, it is all about believing in this company and holding the shares for the long run. Scalping will not help the HCMC share price on the long term and i believe most HCMC investors understand that and we might see a more steady growth in the coming months for this ticker.

Hcmc investor’s appetite for risk.

It all depends on each investor’s appetite for risk. But i think in this case the risk doesn’t have to be substantial as currently you can buy 58,823 shares of HCMC with only 100 dollars. In the event the price climbs on the upcoming news and reaches let’s say 0.2$ you would have 11000 dollars won with just 100 dollars investment.

2 Diamonds HCMC
Bulls versus Bears on HCMC Diamond Play

With today’s price you could buy1 million shares with just 1700 dollars

Now imagine those investors who managed to buy 1 million shares today with 1700 dollars. And let’s hypothetically say the HCMC stock price gets as high as 0.2$. That means they will be able to close the position with 200000 dollars gains. That is 200 K with 1.7 K. I think this is the actual magnet of this play.

This idea is what keeps pulling people into the HCMC investing family. This keeps many people up at night waiting for the weekend to be over so they can see their ticker rise more and more. We only advise caution as numbers like this could blind unexperienced investors and they could lose money if they don’t know how and when to invest in such stocks. OTC stocks are very risky and you should be aware of this before you do any investments. We do not encourage people to buy or sell. We just share the information we also get for free reading forums and discussions, opinions and stock charts.

Keep watching the HCMC stock progress just for fun

I will keep watching the HCMC stock progress just for fun as i think it is a good study and a good penny stock example to quote on a latter day about. HCMC on May 3rd could just be a barcoding event but that is my reason to buy some popcorn and watch. It might be a great story to tell in a few years or it might just be smoke in the wind. We shall see.

So stop asking what’s going on May 3rd HCMC, and do your research diligently so you can know where you stand with this stock play. Have patience and remember that buying is the most important decision you make when you are trading. Anybody can find a sell price sooner or latter but only a few will find the right buy point. I think HCMC stock is not a short term play and you should see it more of a long term investment but never ever invest in a stock more then you are willing to lose. Winning from investing in the stock market is never a guaranteed thing. Do your own diligent market research and make the right choice.

What’s going on May 4th? HCMC Investor Forums 100$ Plan will probably continue for weeks to come

I think this forums made up event will not stop with the end of 3rd of May and will continue on to 4th of May and beyond. Considering the minimum 100 bucks they plan to invest, we can ask ourselves why would this be just a one day thing?

This HCMC investing trend could go on for weeks and we might see a similar outcome like we saw with recent price surges on GME, AMC or even Dogecoins.

So if you don’t invest in HCMC on may 3rd just don’t be sad about it, as the stock is still going to be in play for weeks, months even years to come. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now HCMC might surprise everyone and reach levels beyond the one dollar mark. It sure seems impossible now but this might not be impossible if certain events line up and open this possibility.

I wish HCMC investors best of luck and urge them to be cautious and diligent.

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